We are commercial and forward looking which is why we place great importance on helping you develop your budgets, forecasts and business plans. The business plan is a systematic review of your business and should provide the foundation for all of your future business decisions. The business plan also needs to be reviewed and updated in a regular manner to ensure it remains relevant to your business.

Your budgets are your day-to-day means of monitoring and controlling your business, particularly through analyzing variances between actual outcomes and those budgeted. Forecasts can also be produced during the year to indicate expected results and if these are likely to be significantly different from budget. This is necessary in order to bring your business back on track to budget.

In summary, we can work with you on any of the following areas to help you formulate and achieve your business plan:

  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Business evaluation and appraisal
  • Project / investment appraisal
  • Analysis and ‘what if’ modelling
  • Outlook/Interim forecasting
  • Pricing decisions
Posted by / September 22, 2016